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Credible Scientific Sources

With the media always running a strong game misconstruing scientific claims or hyping them up to jump the gun and make science fiction look real, it is important to have at least some familiarity in this area so that you don't get lost in disinformation. Scientific ignorance is how the media gets their ratings, businesses sell sell sell, and how people who push myths hook you into believing false ideas. The media aspect was covered years ago in the still relevant Last Week Tonight episode, which you should definitely watch and reflect upon when you have 20 minutes of free time.

Below is a list of organizations in current research and development that are hyperlinked directly to their news rooms or resource pages. This list will be regularly updated, and suggestions are welcome in the comments.




Dedicated Individuals


The Planetary Society

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Catherine Zickgraf

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I love this list, though my mind is a bit boggled by it.

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I thought about adding brief descriptions or "tags" in each entities area of research, maybe it's time.

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Goblin Teatime

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Thank you for this list! And I love Last Week Tonight! ^_^

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You're very welcome. More to come. I need to go through old social medias with pages from these groups that I had followed.

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⛧☻Grace☻⛧'s profile picture

FINALLY SOMEONE BROUGHT THIS UP!! I hate how the media creates fear and doomerism in the youth by presenting climate change as an unstoppable/inevitable apocalypse. It's going to be awful, no doubt, but presenting it as a living nightmare that no one would dare to live thru just creates less motivation to actually do something against climate change because it creates a fear of hopelessness... like: "I can't do anything, so why bother"
Also... greenwashing... too many corporations are guilty of this...
Another thing that bothers me to hell and back is the amount of pathological ignorance. The fact that people genuinely believe that monkey pox is an STD- despite being very closely related to chicken pox and being proven to be contracted by skin to skin contact numerous times, is honestly kinda funny...

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Thanks for teaching me a new and relevant term that I would like to use to point out a loosely related subject. Greenwashing is what supplements companies will do to sell their worthless and sometimes harmful products, because they're "natural." They're not better than "big pharma," in some ways they're actually worse, because likewise they just want their money and are unregulated, being that supplements are not considered food. If you ever decide you need to take supplements for something, really look into it, and do start with Wikipedia. When I worked in a vitamins department at a health food store, I called it the bullshit department, hopefully that sums up how serious I am about it.

by Bill Alves; ; Report

wikipedia is such an underrated but good source !
Also, I didn't know that vitamins were bs, but I've really never cared to take them lol. If I want an immune system boost, I'll take a vaccine

by ⛧☻Grace☻⛧; ; Report

I should clarify, vitamins/nutrients themselves aren't BS, but a lot of herbal supplements are. Similarly, they sell the idea that homeopathic "medicine" is an alternative, when damn near none of it has been researched. Herbal supplements have been researched and many of them have proven to have no effect or harmful effects on health when taken in excess. Especially herbs taken for appetite suppression. It's best to stick to nutrients alone and not listen to the propaganda.

by Bill Alves; ; Report

AGREED!! that's the issue I have the fad diets like paleo/keto. They take away carbs and fibers, which are actually needed nutrients. I mean it's whatever if someone wants go on one of those diets... but don't come crying to me when u have bad constipation because of your refusal to eat whole grains
...Just stick with a balanced diet people
Also, I think that medicinal herbs are neat, but I would never use it to supplement my diet or cure any ailment I have. I'd much rather take amoxycillin than be told chew on grass to cure my strep by a bunch of Karens on

by ⛧☻Grace☻⛧; ; Report


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Nice, great for reference.

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Yeah, hopefully I'll be not too busy to add a plethora soon.

by Bill Alves; ; Report

Its a fine start. I am sure most didn't know about these or at least didn't know how deep they can go.

by David-Angelo; ; Report

Dripping Venom...🌹

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The fact that ASTROLOGY (along with Evolution Denial, Trumpism, etc.) is actually something that TOO MANY PEOPLE really do seem to believe (even HARDCORE) really fucking sickens me.

Dismays me.

Discourages me.

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Same. Astrology is fun to think about, but nothing serious. I would know, I've studied astrology at length before. It's built purely on assumptions and not on observation at all as some would claim. I've been surrounded by people who didn't know the difference between astronomy and astrology, and would use the terms interchangeably.

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by Dripping Venom...🌹; ; Report

its really insane how much astrology has a hold on people today. it isnt the 60s anymore guys. those personal experiences could just be you going thru psychosis. they cite psychedelic drugs and those sometimes actually start peoples schizophrenia if they have a family history and are susceptible to it. and ofc people who are going thru psychosis don't want to believe they are because its psychosis/mania and feels real. idk how we should go about convincing people to get the mental help they need tho

by finn the fish; ; Report

I find shit like that Damn Scary, Finn...

So much rampantly-metastasized, dangerously-cancerous Willful Ignorance worldwide.....

"In The Age Of Information, Ignorance Is A Choice." -Donny Miller

by Dripping Venom...🌹; ; Report

yeah with so much information at our finger tips its like people choose to be ignorant. they do everything they can so that they dont have to think critically

by finn the fish; ; Report


by Dripping Venom...🌹; ; Report

In these times, a reliable source of information is essential.

by Connor64; ; Report


by Dripping Venom...🌹; ; Report

totally get wht youre saying, but dont get too dismayed! astrological beliefs can coexist with scientific ones.
in india, for example, astrology has a deep-rooted place in society. its concepts have a heavy grip on major events in the lives of indian people. yet, in terms of scientific research, india is a leading country! so believing in astrology is not the outdated practice that many perceive it as in the western world. it can be thought of as a religious practice, and it deserves the same respect as such.

by wulfychain; ; Report


Nahhhhh...I'm still at kinda This Position right here, WulfyChain:

by Dripping Venom...🌹; ; Report

wulfychain just because some people in india are spiritual and some are leading science doesnt mean spirituality is not illogical and relies heavily on a bunch of assumptions just like all religions. and in todays world of science we do not just assume things so its not gonna be very helpful either. as long as they arent harassing people or trying to control people with their religion its ok though, i dont mind religious people. its just that correlation doesnt equal causation

by finn the fish; ; Report

finn the fish where did i say anything about causation bruh -_-
im pointing out that science can thrive even in cultures with strong astrological beliefs.
astrology and religion as a whole offers much more to people (and, believe it or not, to scientific development) than "assumption"
if religion bothers you thats coo but itll always exist in society in some way, regardless of how deeply science is developed

by wulfychain; ; Report

sure science can thrive in societies like that but religion eventually will probably go away when most people learn about critical thinking and find all the flaws religion has they will leave. critical thinking skills are becoming much more known about so i can infer that it might be wiped out completely. and we dont really need it either so

by finn the fish; ; Report

While I agree with Finn, I'm honestly not so convinced that Religion & Astrology will necessarily Go Away, rather I'm ~dreading ~ that Society (despite this being The Age Of Information) may actually Be Regressing en masse.

I'm Damn Dismayed At How Resiliently-Stubborn things like Religion & Astrology just don't die-off already (in the year 2022!)

Kinda like a virulently-stubborn Strain that does NOT STOP MUTATING.


by Dripping Venom...🌹; ; Report