Are Republicans trying to bring the End of Days?

I'm beginning to think that the Republican Party in this country is seriously determined to bring about the End of Days, or the Rapture. It's pretty clear that the current GOP hates the very things that should define America: freedom, diversity, justice, human rights and even democracy itself. And it's hard to actually consider them Christian since they don't give a shit about their fellow man.  They don't want to do anything to make this life better, which is probably why they're trying to bring about the End of Days so that they can have eternal peace and happiness in Heaven while everyone else is left behind. I think I'm overthinking this stuff.

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I agree. After hearing about the whole January 6th accident, I knew that this world is falling apart because of the two teams of the USA. Democrats and Republicans have learned to hate each other, and the Republicans haven't understood quite yet that the democrats win elections too..This world is off because of the government system. I however, do not pick sides, since I'm underage, but my other was a democrat, so I got hate at school. This infuriates me, because I couldn't've done anything wrong. It's like this world is a war :(

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Red Monaca

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The Americans are the vanguard party that will finally immanentize the eschaton, to the detriment of everyone else. As a Third-Worlder, I'm divided between sitting back and basking in the schadenfreude, or scream in anger as the world's hegemonic empire drags the world back to a Hobbesian state of nature.

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It's not a republican thing it's literally the whole establishment. It's called the great reset. "You will own nothing and be happy" ever heard of it? There is no left vs right. There is only human vs antihuman. The left wants to take "these" rights and the right wants to take "these" rights. We had an outsider and the establishment attacked that dude and made ppl believe he was worse than Hitler. We're headed to a collapse intentionally not end of days just created problem by the antihuman psychopaths. Party affiliation is a fake facade for the simple people to argue with each other about.

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Dana Scully

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The leadership in general is trying to bring about the end of days. Republican, Democrat, it doesn't matter -- those terms are just labels for two opposite ends of a spectrum. Neither are what they claim to be, and the government knows it. We are their pawns. First a decision to outrage the Right, then a decision to outrage the Left, then watch them rip each others' throats out.

Nothing will ever get fixed if we don't wake up and realize that we're doing exactly what they want us to. They have us conveniently trapped in an endless cycle of "my side good, your side bad". So to answer your question: in a way, WE are.

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I think you're closer to the truth of the matter.

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nah man youre definitely not overthinking it, shit is really scary right now :.

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wow im pretty sure SH ate my comment but tl;dr was "youre not overthinking it, mainstream social media is suppressing info, take direct action but also take care of yourself" lol

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