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man (big tw for mental health shit/vent)

right now my life feels like that one scene in queens gambit where beth loses her shit at home and is watching amusic video and shes just batshit drunk and she basically overdoses or whatever??

yeah having bipolar disorder really fucking sucks and im just the person stuck in the middle of it 
unmedicated bipolar disorer is hell
man i was supposed to be medicated right when i got out the psych ward like i was prescribed mood stablizers but my parents didnt sign off on the meds solely bc my dads side of the family has a history of addiction and he didnt want me to get addicted@
well his choice backfired because im losing my mind a second time im heavily considering going to the psych ward
yeah im losing all my friends rn i dont wanna exist  jeezus
im gonna see if i can skip school tmrw
i dont feel good

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