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yes i am still obsessed with the magnus archives. no, i have not moved on despite my own brain insisting. anyway, how about that finale?

so, i finished the magnus archives. i know what you're thinking, "so you're finally going to shut up about it?" no. no, i'm not. in fact, i just started reading fanfics instead of listening to the actual podcast. there are some great fics out there. favorite tag has to be the safehouse episodes tag, where i get to ignore everything past the 5 minute mark into 160. also read a really great fic where jon and martin have a kid! a baby! and get to be happy! and also one where they keep on teasing each other! and get to be happy! i love happy endings for my favorite characters!

anyway, that's all. british people, you kinda popped off with this podcast.
listen to the magnus archives wherever you get your podcasts and fall into a world full of fear entities and queerness. much love xx

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