Guess who’s back…Back again!!!

Guess who’s back! Back again! Hi hi everyoneeeeee oki doki so like I honestly was not expecting as much attention and support from everyone honestly all the positivity has just got my energy up like crazy. And now I finally decided to do my dramatic return as Spaceheys favorite gal!!! I realize that if I go I’m only contributing to making this a worse place and by spreading my gal love and positivity there’s a chance that I can make it a little bit better for everyone!!! and yes this does mean what do you think it means i’m like totes staying!!! expect a guide soon!!! to all my people who where like super sweet to me while I was down in the dumps I so totally love and appreciate you!!!!! 

You all are like literally the best ily all soooooooo much!!! I honestly feel so flattered to have such a loyal amount of people who genuinely love my content and support me! I noticed that with bigger creators or even people it’s just a lot of friends on their list normally it isn’t as close or personal or even just warm! Being personal with you all is super important to me so again thank you for you support!!!

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I'm so relieved you're feeling better. ;_; I'm so sorry people here made you feel unsafe. I've had concerns about some of this site's userbase, too.

I missed a lot of what happened - all I know is that some adults were giving you (a fifteen-year-old) hell, because they really wanted to die on the "you can be racist to white people" hill for some reason. Unbelievable.

Anyway, I hope you will be alright. Please stay safe. I'm glad you've got people on your side, and I hope this site continues to be kind to you from here on out. :(

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Ahhh im so glad you're staying o(≧▽≦)o !! im excited for the future guides

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