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Character Creation [Art]

Guess I should start using my blog now. Earlier today I came across a few photos of some hornbill birds today, if you don't know what they look like, here they areโ€”
So I definitely thought these guys were absolutely interesting and I had to base a character off of them.
As of right now I have been trying to focus on more simplified/basically chibi bodies so I can get down character concepts easier & quicker than spending time on a larger image, and ended up with this!

As of now I've been developing up a story about kingdoms & monsters with a friend and I've been slowly making characters for that plot, and I plan for Talon to be a part of it. Talon is probably going to end up being in a more prince/princess role, being close to stepping up and taking their duty as leader but not quite there yet.
I used the crescent symbol both on their beak and chest, I think their royal family likely has association with the moon and sky (maybe weather in some degree, since they are birds/gryphons?) so I got Windheart. Might be a temporary name if I find a name that's neater.

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your art style is really good !!!! and the concept you have going for them is interesting, very unique too :O never really saw a hornbill bird up until now !!!! very nice

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Ayy thank you! Apparently in the wild hornbills can sometimes fight with those bumps (idk really what to call it) on their beaks like a horn though mostly its there to amplify their call which is super neat!

by scareware ๐Ÿ‘พ; ; Report

oh really!!!! thats honestly pretty neat to know what the heck!!!! would that apply to talon too ? do you see them as a fighter orrr ?

by paula!!!; ; Report

OU i especially would think it would be funny if fighting is their weakest skill, plans for the story is they're suddenly in charge of everything because their parents are too old/ill to run everything so it'll likely be a kind of dorky plot and I plan to possibly make a commander or someone else in a much better position to help train them. Aha i really appreciate your question, sorry that i rambled a bit there!

by scareware ๐Ÿ‘พ; ; Report

OH NO THATS TOTALLY FINE i actually enjoy listening to people talk about their ocs a LOT so yknow if anything the rambling is encouraged !! looking forward to hearing more about them and the other characters of yours!!!!

by paula!!!; ; Report