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I don't care about why you think I'm wrong

I literally don't care. Y'all getting mad about me not wanting SpaceHey to become toxic is really telling. And you don't like being exposed, so then you resort to insults and slurs. Like wowww, what an iron defense, however will I recover...

EDIT: LOL oh, and having a second account just to comment on people's posts after they block you? Literal kindergarten behavior. Also, I screenshot everything so if you come at me claiming you didn't, I have the receipts.

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The "zion" user was banned because of their own actions. I saying this because the user is now breaking even more of Spacehey Terms and this is a warning to those coming here because of Zion sharing this user's profile link in a comment. If you don't like someone's opinions, block them, don't interact them. If you take it as far as using slurs, committing ban evasion and/or making duplicate accounts to get around people blocking you.. that's a ban. A pretty obvious one.

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I'm glad they were banned on their main, but I know they have at least one alt account. I didn't know that they were sharing a link to my profile around though, thanks for making me and others aware of that -- at this point it's targeted harassment and brigading; yet another bannable offense.

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Don't worry, SpaceHey moderation does check blog posts, and I've noticed they have banned a few people for pulling stuff like this in the past...

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Yep; I've been informed that Zion was banned on their main; however they have at least one alt account that I know of and apparently they're now sharing around links to my profile -- I assume to encourage harassment/mass reporting.

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ᐢ..ᐢ elisa ★

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it is not worth it. it's best to just keep to yourself and like minded people because nothing you do will change the minds of these toxic individuals who cannot come to their senses.

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Yeah, unfortunately I'm discovering that a LOT of people who have the same style and interests as me, think the way they do.

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thats alright, you'll eventually find your crowd. just stick to what you believe in and don't let these fools change your thoughts

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