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Keep drama and toxicity OFF of SpaceHey!!!

SpaceHey is a place to chill and make friends, NOT for drama, racism, harassment and bullying. People like that have no place here.

EDIT:: Apparently some people can't read, so here is the dictionary definition of racism:

  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

  1. EDIT 2: Okay, for real, I didn't mean for this post to become a mud fight. Apparently there are more people who are okay with blatant racism than I anticipated. To those people: the majority of you are like, 12-16 year olds, so I'm hoping this is just immaturity and you haven't learned how the world actually works yet. Racism is racism, and being the loudest/meanest doesn't magically make you right. 

  2. EDIT 3: Alrighty, no longer bothering to respond to comments. Deleting most of them since people don't know how to behave like adults. (Some of y'all were super based though and if you see that your comment got deleted, you didn't do anything wrong I just don't want 12349875723458 comments on this lol)

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imagine disagreeing with that. how pathetic.

by xxslayerxx92; ; Report


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im only 13 yes, a kid? maybe, glad i am actualy i wish i could be younger, ANYWAYS what i wanted to say is that ur right, and for u ppl, be the meanest u want, ill be working wile ur sleeping and enjoying my LIFE while ur only dreaming, beeing a kis doesn't mean u have the right of doing anything u want also if ur like 10-18 u should already know how things work as they said and it was the thing i loved most in this post beeing the loudest meanest doesn't make u right honey, so wake up a little and look at ur self
thank u

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please shut up

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Thanks man lol, I've really been fending off the crazies ever since I posted this

by Morrow; ; Report


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oh shut up 🍅🍅🍅

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No, that's not how things work, sweetheart. You don't get to control other people's speech.

by Morrow; ; Report


by xxslayerxx92; ; Report


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imagine coming on here just to be mean :(( i rlly hope we as a whole can spread nothing but positivity :D

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r u talking about op of this post or the racist girl

by xxslayerxx92; ; Report

the racist girl

by Aether; ; Report


by xxslayerxx92; ; Report

Right lol, like SpaceHey's tagline is literally "a space for friends" and people really coming on here thinking they can pull the same shit that they do on other social medias

by Morrow; ; Report

why cant everyone just be friends lmao

by xxslayerxx92; ; Report

seriously. I love the non toxic community in other ways so I even go out of my way to be nicer and more outgoing than i normally would. keep it up beat :D

by Aether; ; Report


by xxslayerxx92; ; Report

Yeah I’m gonna stray away from this…. Besides I know a quote that goes “you can’t convince stupid people”, so just let the racist people have their dumbass thing and they can see what we were trying to say to them when their future employer finds this post and fires them

by J.R.; ; Report

I was hoping this place would allow people to interact without requiring anonymity. Feel free to add me, I'm just getting started on here.

by Rebecca Gannaway; ; Report


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A very important message for people who don't even care about life.

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zion got banned a few days ago for this actually (and made a new account)

Sorry for the notifs just noticed this

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lol that got banned too

by xxslayerxx92; ; Report


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I agree, I hate racist people , they do not deserve to plague a good website

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Thank you omg, you're one of like the only 2 people with brains that have commented on this. All the rest are trying to spin ME as the racist/oppressor/mad/cracker/whatever else their two brains cells can come up with.

by Morrow; ; Report


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Zion isn’t racist your just angry that your being called out because you think being insulted = oppression. Keep you self pity and “I’m being oppressed tooooo!!! ” attitude off of space hey.

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This comment projecting so hard im seeing powerpoints

by ▌THE ᴀᴛKING OF SPACEHEY▐; ; Report

Zion literally thinks being black makes you not responsible for being racist

by xxslayerxx92; ; Report

I honestly think they are becoming a lil bit oppressed, I’ve been seeing more racist terms for majorities just for being majorities

by J.R.; ; Report

Can’t say they ARE oppressed since that’s just an ignorant take, but the racist terms for majorities are totally uncalled for.

by J.R.; ; Report

Honestly same Ja'Shonn, I literally have a whole LIST of things I've been called as a white person... not only do they vastly outnumber the terms I've seen used against black people, but they seem to be widely accepted or even encouraged. Society apparently doesn't see that as racism, and I've reported some of the most vile comments on other social medias -- like, seriously vile stuff including death threats -- and what do the admins of these platforms respond with?

"We found that the content you reported doesn't violate any guidelines."

by Raven; ; Report

cuz social media and people are STUPID

by xxslayerxx92; ; Report


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Finally, a based person on spacehey. Hope you have a good day!

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Awe thanks so much! Just trying to keep SpaceHey cool instead of devolving into race wars like all the other social medias. I hope you have a great day too! :)

by Morrow; ; Report


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you can upload the images on imgbb and insert them on here -

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