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more info about me/quiz

since i'm new to this site and all i thought i could do one of those info quizzes so you can get to know more about me lol found it here.

what's your name? 
eliott/victor. you all are welcome to call me tori for short.

how old are you? 
last week i just turned 19.

what are your main interests? 
for some reason these questions take me a lot of time... i like graphic design, writing/creating stories so my ocs (currently hyperfixated on them), art, coding (i know basic stuff, i'm still learning), playing games (check my profile to see the full list! but the one's i love are rpg games in general, pokemon, the legend of zelda, minecraft, stardew valley and undertale & deltarune), dancing... i have a lot of interests.

are you okay with people messaging you? 
sure, go ahead i guess. i'm only going to warn you i'm bad at private messages. 

what genres of music do you like? 
i just listen to anything tbh.

what country do you live in? 

favorite movies/series? 
one piece, batman movies from nolan, saiki k, daredevil, hxh, jojo's bizarre adventure, mob psycho, demon slayer, naruto... i think i'm leaving out some but rn i do not remember them lol.

zodiac sign? 

are you dating? 
no. i don't even have friends to start with.

how are you doing rn? 
i'm vibing (going insane).

any dni's? 
no dni list, test your luck. 

what generation are you? 
gen z.

would you rather have telekinesis or telepathy? 
telekinesis of course. would be so cool to move things with your mind.

what's your favorite pizza toppings? 
the usual so cheese.

do you have any fears? what are they? 
the outer space, being alone.

what's your favorite month? 
i don't have one.

do you have naturally curly or straight hair? 
very straight hair.

if you could live in any decade which would you choose? 
2000s-2010s. i would've loved to own a game boy advance.

what color are your eyes? what color do you wish your eyes were? 
they are dark brown. and i'm fine with them. 

favorite social media platform? 
maybe twitter? it's not my favorite but i spend most of my time on there. some people are funny.

any piercings? 
earrings but i want to get more.

do you have any pets? 
six cats, one dog, a hen and a rooster.

do you vote during presidential elections? 

name 3 things in your room. 
my cats (they sleep on my bed sometimes), my unorganized pile of clothes and my many collection of plushies/pillows.

what do you find attractive in a person? 
just be beomgyu or yeonjun. i think i like people who are similar to me. 

what turns you off? 

would you ever get cosmetic surgery? 
maybe? i don't really like my nose and the structure of my face but everything is expensive.

did you use myspace before spacehey? 
nope. but i had a taringa account years ago.

are you afraid to grow old? 
very. i'm just 19 and i already feel awful. i have the constant fear of not knowing what to do with my life.

do you like anyone right now? do they like you back? 

what are you looking forward to this week? 

when is the last time you laughed? 
i genuinely don't know.

do you like having your nails long or short? 
normal leaning to long. i used to bite my nails but now i don't pay that much attention to them so they could be really long and i wouldn't even notice.

gold jewelry or silver jewelry? 

are you content with your life? 
no. but i'm trying to be happy and trying to not go crazy (not working).

how often do you shower? 
i try to do it often. just know i don't go like one week without showering. 

do you believe in astrology? 
yeah. i mean, i don't take it that seriously, it's mainly just for fun.

do you know your sun, moon, and rising sign? 
honestly i don't remember. i recall doing my natal chart but i forgot.

would people be surprised about what they found on your computer? 

have you ever used a ouija board? 
no but i played the charlie charlie thing back in middle school.

what was/is your favorite subject in school? 
art. i've always loved drawing and teachers praised my works. also english because i'm good at it.

high heels or flats? 
high heels.

would you rather dress comfortably or uncomfortably but look better? 
if i look good i don't care if i'm uncomfortable!

lakes or oceans? 

have you ever traveled outside of your country? 

do you believe in reincarnation? 

have you ever experienced anything paranormal? 
i don't think so.

do you have any talents? 
i run pretty fast. this is not a talent but a curiosity: i have strabismus so whenever i look up, my left eye will cross.

would someone you liked still living with their parents be a deal breaker for you? 
of course not. getting to live alone is almost impossible in my country so i understand. 

do you smoke/vape? 
no. also i've never tried.

what's something that happened this year that made you happy? 
not trying to sound like a loser but honestly... nothing.

what's your favorite thing about yourself? 
my eyes and lips.

ok that's it! (wow... i finally finished it... why did this take me so long
if you did read everything thank you so much. i hope we can be friends!

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