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Watch out for this guy

Hey, beware of this guy, he was starting to make me feel unsafe

Hey!!! Soo i looked at your profile and you seem really cool…. But i can’t tell which girl in your photo you are… the older one or the younger one?
Oh, that's me and my mom :)
Oh wow!!! Your mom is really pretty :)
Yeah, she is! Thanks ^^
Is she on spacehey too? :3
No, she isn't haha. She doesn't add anyone she doesn't know anyway, and neither do I on my facebook lol
Oh damn :/ i hope I’m not bothering you then :/
It's ok, I don't mind adding people on here! I just don't talk a lot bc I'm shy. Feel free to start conversations on my bulletins though!
I’m awkward xD i always accidentally say dumb things that make it awkward so i understand
Caitlynn 😭
I wanna leave spacehey…. You’re one of the few people that keep me here.
Really? We barely even talked before haha
I’m straight… i think you and your mom are beautiful… but apparently that’s wrong. Apparently in 2022 is better to be gay…. Sorry, i love women, sorry….. im a straight male and i want a woman in my life
It's not wrong to think people are beautiful, you don't have to be sorry for that. Just keep it decent haha.
A disclaimer though, if you want a woman, I'm not a good fit haha, I'm aroace and not ready for anything with anyone. I don't mind being friends tho :)
Gays aren’t decent, trans aren’t decent, why can they have a parade waving dicks in the air and that be ok? It’s not ok. Gays are gross.
I don’t want anything with you….
Ok, that's great haha. Just saying so since you were talking about girls n stuff
To be honest, I was more attracted to your mom…. I adore older women… you would make a good friend though :)
I'm glad you think so lol
But yeah….Caitlynn :) i really get along with you!! I’m not really attracted to you though. That’s okay :) nothing wrong with that! Your mom on the other hand… i wanna take her out to dinner <3
Tbh, I agree that nudity is gross, but I've never heard of gay people being explicit like that before
You must have bad luck
Gays are not good people
I have the same amount of romantic attraction to girls and guys, It's ok if you want to unfriend me now, I'm not upset
It just suck :( I’ll miss your mom….. i really like her and i want to be there for here
Yeah, she is married though
I also dont think she's the kind of person you would like, she's bisexual and a pagan
To who?
She's married to my dad
If i have to start working 2 jobs to support our family, i will become your dad <3 I want my children to grow up smart and healthy and have a good childhood, even if that means I have to make sacrifices in my life
My family is already very happy as it is :) You will make someone happy with your dedication
Can i at least pretend to be your father? :)
idk, I'm not very comfortable with that. Thanks for asking
You’re such a brat Caitlynn. I adore you,… but not attracted to you
haha, that's good lol
You’re trouble dear…. I feel like all you want to do is get me i trouble
No, I don't want to lol. Sorry, I can't tell when people tell jokes, so idk if you're joking me
Maybe a little bit of jokes ;) but like idk :/ we’re pretty much the same age, but when i look at you, i see a little bratty girl….
I've never really thought so
Would it be better if i was attracted to you instead of your mom?
No, definitely not haha
Neither of us are available though
I’m not good enough?
My mom's just married, and I don't want a relationship. Nothing on you
I’ll wear eyeliner for you… start lifting weights… invest in bitcoin and buy you your dream car…… what’s wrong with me?
I just don't develop attraction until years of knowing someone. We met a only a few days ago
That’s understandable…..don’t be upset if i end up with a different girl
I won't
Okay babe <3

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Connor 's profile picture

that guy rocks

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orcooleh's profile picture

glad his account got deleted, hope ur okay :)

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I'm fine, just glad it wasn't worse :)

by Caitlynn; ; Report


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Yeah, I was so uncomfy the whole time XD

by Caitlynn; ; Report


Nico!'s profile picture

hella late but wtf

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by Caitlynn; ; Report


Ghostie<3's profile picture

"transgender hexaflexagons" thatz... a new one- people have been tranzphobic to me but thatz.. something ive never heard before XDDD

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Right, just say you're an ah

by Caitlynn; ; Report

Atleast he's being original! Lol.

by Topercessen; ; Report


V3n0mb1t3z's profile picture

He's a whole ass clown LMAO wtf
Also twinning I'm bi too

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We love to see it :)

by Caitlynn; ; Report

I think the Guy wasn't an asshole but had intentions towards Cathy and did want to be straight with her

by Kerry; ; Report

he's homophobic and his texts feel misogonistic,,,but also I think his english is bad lol english isn't my first language either but I've been studying it since 1st grade

by V3n0mb1t3z; ; Report


💌♥Bella♥💌's profile picture

I'm sorry that happened to you,he seems like such a creep.

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Yea, he got banned though :)

by Caitlynn; ; Report

Yeah,that's good that he got banned

by 💌♥Bella♥💌; ; Report

Kambria Rose

Kambria Rose's profile picture

Oh my goodness. I'm glad this person got banned what a creeper I'm so sorry this message happened to you! I'm almost positive his profile image wasn't even his own image. :(

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Omg, really? Thanks, I actually set my profile to private and took out my links for a few days because it creeped my out :/

by Caitlynn; ; Report


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kirby's profile picture


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I wish, he got banned though

by Caitlynn; ; Report


Zoe's profile picture

he got banned !!!

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Omg, yay!!

by Caitlynn; ; Report


J.R.'s profile picture

He seems to only be rambling about his love life and how he is homophobic, I wouldn’t spend one moment with him if he said dumb shit like that to me

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Yeah, I was just kinda scared of being rude to him, which was stupid ig

by Caitlynn; ; Report


whatsername's profile picture

He’s obviously an internet troll, I could tell by the way he was replying to your messages.
Saying he’s only on this site for you, the talk about your mother, and the out of nowhere talk about LGBT
In hindsight, you should have stopped replying by the first few messages !
From a woman to another woman , next time you get one of these weirdos in your pms, remove and block the second they start being weird

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Yeah, thanks. I did end up blocking and reporting him. Even if it is just a troll

by Caitlynn; ; Report


Ghostii's profile picture

"okay babe

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by Ghostii; ; Report

here's what i said before spacehey cut my comment-
"you literally said you were aroace and uninterested in a relationship MULTIPLE TIMES. whatthehell-"

by Ghostii; ; Report

Yes! I thought I was being very clear

by Caitlynn; ; Report


Katie 's profile picture

Lmao that guy is on my friends list. I had no idea he was such a weirdo. and the way he talks about other sexualities & genders is sickening

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Exactly, lgbt people are so sexualized, It's horrible

by Caitlynn; ; Report

He got mad because I said "Okay bye ✌️"
I don't think you can see what he posted on my page, but he said something about he didn't know why people think being straight is "bad". I said "no, but being homophobic is."

by Katie; ; Report

Yeah, no one has any problem with straight people bro. Just the ones that want to kill and convert lgbt people

by Caitlynn; ; Report


Aspen's profile picture

man thats disgusting if he is going to act like that to people especially you because youre sweet and try to understand everyone he should leave spacehey he shouldnt be guilt tripping or gaslighting you

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Yeah, he should delete his account. His friends list is all girls too

by Caitlynn; ; Report


Xx_Kitty_Kickazz_xX's profile picture

dat iz weird and uncomfortable holy shit
also why iz he so hurt bai teh fact gay ppl r here :sob: they arent even talking 2 him hez just mad he cant get a d8

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For reall, what is his problem with queer people

by Caitlynn; ; Report

Spoon xPPP

Spoon xPPP's profile picture

dude thats disgusting and hes pretending to be oppressed cus hes literally hitting on peoples moms and being homophobic ??

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Yeah, I ended up blocking him

by Caitlynn; ; Report


📼👾Cyber_Bitz🎧🪀's profile picture

Why tf is that dude hitting on ur mom thats so gross

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yeah, he just wouldn't stop

by Caitlynn; ; Report

Ive had dudes like this too on my old acc i would post pics of myself sometimes and ppl kept fedishising me cus im a bigger guy like bruh stop

by 📼👾Cyber_Bitz🎧🪀; ; Report

That's so awful, I'm sorry :(

by Caitlynn; ; Report

Its whatever it just freaked me out

by 📼👾Cyber_Bitz🎧🪀; ; Report

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