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[: Survey ! :]

X What Applies To Me #1
Created by GlamCat

(x) I sing in the shower. [: ( duh ) :]
() I know how to build a fire.
(x) I've swam in the ocean. 
() I lie about my age. 
(x) I count calories.
(x) I have pretended to know a stranger.
(x) I have been on TV.
(x) I've taken a duck face selfie.
() I have eaten a raw egg.
(x) I am afraid of spiders. 
(x) I've won a contest.
() I am left handed.
(x) I have given someone a fake number. 
(x) I believe aliens exist. 
() I've been scuba diving.
() I've kept a New Year's Resolution. 
(x) I have never eaten sushi. 
() I leave the toilet seat up.
() I have gone on more than one date in a day. 
() I have never watched a musical.
() I have been skinny dipping.
(x) I have broken someone's heart.
() My favorite color is blue.
() I don't like cold weather. 
() I own a vinyl record player.
(x) I have never seen Star Wars. 
(x) I have run a marathon.
(x) I have made a Tik Tok video.
(x) My favorite holiday is Halloween.
(x) I don't kiss on the first date. 


X What Applies To Me #2

(x) I have ridden a motorcycle.
(x) I have fallen down in public.
(x) I have cut my own hair.
(x) I can play the violin.
() I've bungee jumped.
(x) I dip my fries in my milkshake.
(x) I have stayed awake for 24 hours.
() I've been on a blind date. 
() I have lived in more than one country.
(x) I have milked a cow.
() I listen to Elvis Presley. 
() I've thrown up on an airplane.
(x) I've been caught picking my nose.
(x) I've shattered my phone screen. 
(x) I've been on a multiple day road trip.
(x) I've read a chapter book in one day. 
(x) I dated my best friend. [: ( currently am ! ) :]
(x) I regularly check under the bed for monsters.
() I am/have been vegan.
(x) I have eaten dinner at 4:00 pm. 
(x) I have sung karaoke. 
() I've toilet papered someone's house.
() My favorite food is tacos.
(x) I never wear jewelry. 
(x) I enjoy taking baths. 
() I have been to Disney World/Disneyland.
() I've hidden a tattoo from my family.
(x) I've been camping.
(x) My favorite season is autumn/fall.
(x) I have worn my pajamas all day.
() I wear shoes inside my house. 


X What Applies To Me #3

(x) I've met a celebrity.
() I know how to play golf.
(x) I've spied on my neighbors.
() I sneak food into movie theaters. 
(x) I've ridden a horse.
(x) I wore braces. [: ( still am :,) ) :] 
(x) I've been chased by a dog.
(x) I cannot parallel park. 
() I've been on a cruise.
(x) I do not like chocolate. 
() I've ridden in an ambulance. 
(x) I've Googled my own name. [: ( only 200 people in the US w/ my deadname ) :]
(x) I have a crush on someone. 
(x) I have accidentally sent a text to the wrong person.
(x) I've gone zip lining. 
() I keep a diary.
(x) I've re-gifted a gift. 
() I've eaten a carton of ice cream by myself.
(x) I have accidentally said "I love you" to someone.
(x) I talk in my sleep. 
() My favorite color is green.
() I lift weights regularly.
(x) I have eaten tacos on a Tuesday.
(x) I don't drink coffee.
(x) I have been to a spa. 
(x) I've never seen an episode of Friends.
() Summer is my favorite season.
() My phone number ends with a 7.
() I sleep with more than one pillow.
() I always eat breakfast. 


X What Applies: School Edition

() I got suspended.
() I had a crush on a teacher.
(x) I liked math class the best. 
(x) I played an instrument.
(x) I spread a rumor.
() I wore a uniform.
() I got caught cheating on a test.
(x) I decorated my locker.
(x) I played a prank.
() I was a cheerleader.
(x) I wrote a love note. [: ( to one of my old ex - bsfs whom I had a crush on . She turned me down sadly . :,) ) :]
(x) I joined a club.
(x) I slept in class.
(x) I was the teacher's pet. 
(x) I did my homework right before class.
(x) Someone else did my homework.
() I skipped class.
(x) I played a sport.
(x) I was popular. [: ( last time I was popular was in second - forth grade ) :]
() I wish I were popular. 
(x) I liked science the best. 
() I failed a class.
(x) I brought my own lunch. 
(x) I faked being sick to stay home.
() I went to prom.
(x) I rode the bus. 
(x) I was bullied.
() I was home schooled.
(x) I was the hall monitor. [: ( in second - third grade ) :]
(x) I was in a school play.

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