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Virginia City

My friend invited me on a overnight trip with his family For backstory his family sucks. His mom is an abusive narcissist and his dad is just a bystander to the max. Anyways I said yes obviously. We drove up this morning and spent the day wandering through all the shops. We're both ILL like chronically so shit was taxing as hell but it's okay. We stole some shit, just like rings and cards and stuff. I stole a chocolate frog bc FUCK JK ROWLING  anyways. It's not been FUN but it's not been BAD either. It's been kinda bad, we went to this show like a local cabaret and they were transphobic as all hell and absolutely disgusting and sexist and ew. 0/10 would not recommend. Anyways I'll like update more tomorrow when I get home I guess?

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