Out with the old friends, in with the new

Friend breakups are hard OK?

As an older, more toxic friend group exits on stage left - you'll soon realize that on stage right are a more enlightened ever-better group of people waiting to enter on stage.

Yes, there might be a brief period where you're alone on stage. But everyone will listen to your voice, as you're the only one talking or singing or dancing. Speak with confidence, BELT OUT THE LYRICS LIKE EVERYONE ONLY HAS EYES FOR YOU. This is your time to shine.

Be introspective, find out what didn't work from the last group, make your life better and invite those who would bolster your zest for living. Your stage will filled in no time.

Don't hope that your old friends will come groveling back; because they wont. Instead hope that when you see them again they've changed for the better (just like you have) and maybe you can rekindle the bond that you once shared.

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