Overwatch League FANS check this out

I am not only a big fan of Overwatch, but also The Overwatch League - which is the highest level of game play.

You can follow them here: https://www.youtube.com/c/overwatchleague

If you happen to be a fan, post your team, if you wanna setup a watch party or something, HMU and maybe you'll get a sick Discord invite for an additional play-by-play by other superfans.

If you have never heard of Overwatch or OWL, drop a comment and we'll help you get INTO


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Yesh MeLord [vTUBER]

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oh also,
My teams: 1. Shock 2. Justice 3. Uprising 4. Fuel 5. Gladiators 6. Reign

(in that order)

SHOCK just went 6 WINS and 0 Losses today and its POGGERS

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