Thoughts and Prayers

I'm sure many of you have heard by now about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas earlier this week.

Uvalde is only an hour away from my own hometown, I've watched our football team play theirs during the fall. To say this is truly a local tragedy is an understatement. It's being felt all through the state of Texas, across the nation. By everyone except our politicians.

They've released statements giving us their thoughts and prayers, giving us their condolences. We're tired of that, we don't need that. How much longer will this go on? How many more children need to die, before we do something? It's not enough for people like me to speak on this. If the lives of innocent children are dispensable, why should anything we say make a difference? We need to stop saying and start doing. We need to stop voting for these corrupt, money hungry men and women who fuel their own desires with the lives of our children and the minorities of this country.

We need to take action, boycott, rally, protest, we need to get mad.

reach out to me for a list of petitions and organizations.

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