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meaningful tattoos??

hi everyone 
im getting a tattoo next weekend as a gift from my moms friend for my birthday. i sent her an image of the tattoo i wanted, which was three hearts which all looked slightly different. and when she asked me what they meant i drew a complete blank. honestly the only reason that i picked that tattoo was because i thought it looked gorgeous. when i asked my sister what tattoo she was getting she told me that she was getting a luna moth and explained why she was getting it. 

meaningful tattoos
i think that tattoos are a way for someone to express their personality in a permanent way. here is my problem with meaningful tattoos though, just as powerful as their meaning is, thats just how simply their meaning could be obliterated. obviously, this doesnt apply to all tattoos but to most. for example, you get a tattoo which signifies someone who passed away who meant a lot to you. that tattoo will stay on your body forever reminding you that you will never be able to talk to them again or see them again. and what if they had a part of them that they were hiding from you? (everyone has secrets) slowly their image would be tarnished and you will start hating that tattoo. 

memories can always be tarnished. 

-xo noodle

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