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Twilight Sparkle:
[ ] You have a huge collection of books.
[x] You value your alone time.
[x] You have trouble making friends.
[ ] You are very intelligent.
[ ] You write letters regularly.
[ ] You find a lesson in everything.
[x] You have trouble doing things "the old-fashioned way."
[ ] You've recently moved to a new town.
[ ] You're rather sarcastic.
[ ] You're often accused of being a know-it-all.
Total: 3

Pinkie Pie:
[ ] You're the black sheep of the family
[ ] You're majorly hyper.
[ ] You love to siiiing!
[ ] You're known for throwing great parties!
[ ] You're great at baking.
[x] People sometimes don't get your jokes.
[ ] You're a prankster troll.
[ ] You're a super-intense personality.
[ ] You have strange pets.
[x] You are known to go to extremes.
Total: 2

[ ] You're very stubborn
[ ] You find great joy in working.
[ ] You prefer the country to the city.
[ ] You speak with an accent.
[ ] You HATE cheating.
[ ] You have freckles.
[ ] You prefer casual wear rather than formal things.
[ ] You wear your hair in a ponytail(s).
[ ] You have a large family.
[x] You have trouble lying.
Total: 1

Rainbow Dash:
[x] You love winning.
[ ] You like sports.
[ ] You have a funky hair color.
[ ] You have fanatic tendencies.
[ ] You have no problem speaking your mind.
[x?] You will give up anything for your friends.
[x] You like being recognized for good things.
[ ] You have no problem defying traditional gender-roles.
[x] You act now, think later.
[ ] You're very brave.
Total: 4

[x] You love being the center of attention.
[ ] You have a cat.
[ ] You sew well.
[ ] It's well-known that you're somewhat vain.
[ ] You love the excitement of the city!
[x] You will overwork yourself to do something nice for your friends.
[ ] You wear makeup.
[x] You're prone to whining.
[ ] You have original taste in fashion.
[x] You enjoy bonding with your besties <3
Total: 4

[ ] You HATE being the center of attention. 
[x] You struggle with sharing your mind.
[ ] You love animals and help them however you can.
[ ] You're graceful.
[x?] You're very quiet or soft-spoken.
[x] You have a secret mean-streak.
[x] You've been told you could model.
[ ] You're the eldest of your friends.
[x] You like wearing your hair loose and long.
[ ] You're very nurturing

Total: 5

yay fluttershy i lov fluttershy 

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