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About and Favorites!!! :D

I realized I never did an about me, so here's some info and fun facts! :D

<3 pronouns.page: link link click click

🧡 Name: Rin/Ryn
💛 Pronouns: any! Go wild I do not care. :D
🤍 Location: Midwest US
💙 Age: 20
💜 Grade/Major: College Sophmore, Computer Science Major
🧡 Pets?: 4 Cats - Elko Iconium (tan tabby), Gandalf the Grey (MASSIVE grey shorthair), Bagheera Boo Boo Kitty (black shorthair), and Princess Fiona (tiny little orange and white longhair)
🤍 Apperance: dark brown hair and black glasses. 
💜 Anything else?: uh not that I can think of (;^^)

Animal: Axolotls!  
Colors: Purple, Pink, and Teal
Animated Show: Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Founder of Diabolism (I hate wwx with a passion but everything and everyone around him is pure gold)
Live-Action Show: Big Brother 
Movie: Mean Girls
Artist: MASA WORKS DESIGN (not recommended to listen to if you're under 18... :/)
Pop Idol: Lanzhu Zhong (Love Live!)
Food: Sesame Chicken
Drink: Sweet Green Tea
Snack: Goldfish
Subject: History 
Sport: Baseball (it's the only sport I can understand ;-;)
Video Game: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, though Oblivion is a very close second
Lipbalm Flavor: Berry

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