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working on a "book"

I've been getting more into writing and I've started writing this book, it doesn't have a title yet and I need help with like everything lol, so if you have any constructive criticism, that would be great!


My name is Anya, and I'm a very boring person, and I always have been.I remember having no friends in all of primary school, I always sat alone at lunch and read. It was quite sad, but no one felt sorry for me, and I don’t blame them. If I wanted to make friends I should’ve at least tried a little, but I didn’t. I think I was fine with always being alone until 6th grade, when everyone started having cliques and being in relationships. That's when I realized that it was weird that I'd never had a single friend.
  I started getting bullied In sixth grade because of my hair, it's very curly. Id would’ve never thought that out of everything, my hair would be what I was bullied for, its just such a dumb reason to pic on someone, I thought that type of shit only happend in movies, but I guess not. 
  I'm now a sophomore in highschool, and nothing has changed. I still have no friends, no cliques, nothing. The bullying has gotten worse so I mean, I guess that's something.

Chapter 1

It's the first day of my sophomore year, aka, the worst day ever. I walk into the lunch room to find tall jock-y kids with mullets ,a bunch of skinny blonde girls gossiping, and I instantly feel as if I could pass out right then and there. I get very nervous in big crowds, its one of the many reasons I hate school. I'm also quite the germaphobe, and seeing all these gross sweaty guys and the girls with fake spray on tans that are probably damaging their skin and leaving gross germs everywhere,absolutely disgusts me.I look around to see literally no empty tables. Great, just great. Last year I sat at the table with the kids who read all lunch, or, the “nerds' '.  But of course, their table is full as well this year. I look around and see these 3 girls who seem like they, along with everybody else, would be the most annoying people ever, but I shall take my shot anyway. I get my lunch(dumplings and rice, which wouldn’t be so bad if the dumplings didn’t taste like actual shit) and head to the table with the 3 girls and attempt to sit as far away as possible to them, which only ends up putting one seat between me and them. I see them stare at me for a minute before going right back to their conversation.OMG JESSICA, YOU HOOKED UP WITH BRADLEY-HE’S LITERALLY DATING CHARLINE, ISN’T HE?! He’s hot, what can I say, shrugged Jessica. I assume these girls are popular, just by listening to their conversation and looking at the way they dress. I don’t really pay attention to anyone or anything in school, or in general, which is why I'm not always sure who's popular and who's not, but It's pretty easy to tell nonetheless. The girl closest to me, who happens to have this bleach blond, almost white, hair that I actually really like, doesn’t seem to care one bit about this conversation.Piper, will you tell Jessica that she can’t just go around hooking up with other girls bfs?!  Huh, Piper says looking up from her phone. Ugh, were you listening to any of this?! No. There was a silence before the only girl who hadn't heard the name yet said,” I have to go, see you later” Bye May, Jessica said with a bit of sarcasm, or maybe sass, idk. Not too long after Jessica gets up and leaves, just leaving me and piper. I looked over at her to see her staring at me. What's your name she says, putting on what's obviously a fake smile. Oh um Anya,  pretty name, I'm Piper. She stares at me for about 20 seconds before getting up and leaving. Weird. No one ever really talked to me unless they were forced to by the teachers who feel bad for me.
  After lunch I head to science to see none other than Piper waiting by what seems to be the only available lab.Great. I go and sit over there, to which Piper greets me. Hey Anya!, she says as if we'd been friends for years. Hey.. I respond back much less enthusiastically than her. Piper’s only in my science class, luckily. I don’t know why but her entire existence bothers me for some reason.
  I head back home where I'm greeted by my 13 year old brother,Jayce. Why hello there, he says in a terrible British accent. How are you my good sir, I say in a just as bad british accent while bowing. I am quite delighted, and I have made popcorn. Oooh, what's the special occasion? Michelle’s coming over in an hour to watch scream. Oooh~, I reply giving “goo goo eyes”. Jayce has had a crush on his best friend Michelle for about 4 years. They both obviously love each other. Well good luck with that,I say giving a sly smile. Shut up, Jayce says rolling his eyes and trying as hard as possible to not blush,and it's obviously failing.

Chapter 2

I headed up to my room and laid down, staring at the ceiling. I'm definitely jealous of Jayce. He's not a huge outgoing person, but he has a couple friends, more than me of course. And he has someone that he's absolutely and utterly in love with. I wish I could have that. I mean maybe if I tried to make friends I could have that, I think to myself before rolling over and falling asleep.
 I wake up at 3:23 am and head downstairs and make myself a bowl of lucky charms. I look on the living room couch to see Jayce and Michelle curled up together covered in a blanket,I feel a wave of sadness wash over me. I head back up to my room and turn on umbrella academy, as it's been my most recent obsession. I fell back asleep at around five and woke up at 6:30 am to the treached sound of my alarm clock. I check my phone to see that I have a new friend request on instagram, Piper Quinn, or p1p3r_qu1nn if you wanna be specific. I hesitantly accept and check out her profile. An image of her and her calico cat, her and Jessica, her and her family on christmas. I would’ve assumed since she seems quite popular that she would post more, but I guess not.

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That was interesting but put quotation marks because my brain physically cannot read without them

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