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my shit - a boogie wit da hoodie

basic info ...

name: gen
age: nineteen
pronouns: guess
birthday: march 07
nationality: laotian
relationship status: god-sent
big three: scorpio rising, that's it.

favorites ...

color: shit brown
food: safe foods
drink: water or coffee
zodiac sign: libra
song: mother by vashti bunyan
movie: project x
show: r&m, it is so sad ik
book: chameleon on a kaleidoscope
car: 1999 white toyota avalon (used)
feeling: productive, clean
style: pretty
genre: horror. folk or rock for music.
poem: pablo neruda's eleventh love sonnet
quote: too lazy to list

personal ...

religion: ??
politics: guess
mental disorders: guess
phobias: thalassophobia
weakness: ew i dont even want to think abt it
pet peeves: lack of control
ambitions: sustain myself
current status: sustaining myself

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