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The Birthday Party. 5.7.22

  The Birthday Party, May. 7. 2022

All I ever wanted was you
Throwing a party the 14th night of June

Wishing for me 
Like I loved for you 

That was never possible 
You told me it was purely psychological 

Wishing for you 
As if you loved me

Darling it was purely psychological

The party never started
I can’t wait for it to end. 

Mourning the loss of my mother, my friend

You left me here, a gift in my hands 

You told me I wrapped it, it was all my own plan 

I opened the wrapping 
In it was one thing 

A video of the memories 

Cut out was all your toxic stings.

You made me a gift so you never could see
The crying, the screams, the life you gave me 

Lying, You told me I made it, 
So you could drown out your sorrows
All your doubt was gone. 

Darling I hope you sleep tonight, and wake up regretful tomorrow.

You gave me a gift, that was really all for you. 

Darling I hope you sleep tonight, and wake up regretful tomorrow.

-Ty James

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your poetry inspires me to write. thxx

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Ari ;}

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this got me fucked up ong

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i wrote and reading got me fucked up tbh

by Tys' Corner of the Web; ; Report

but its so good too

by Ari ;}; ; Report

sienna ⌦*°:⋆ₓₒ

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OMFGGG I LOVE THIS METAPHOR SM, literally obsessed

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