stole from allie autopsy xx <3

what mythical creature do you wish actually existed? vampires

soundcloud or vinyls? both

what book does everyone right now need to read? the third door by alex banayan

do you like wearing other people’s shirts/jackets? yes!

what was the best thing that happened to you this month? um, this site + i had a smoothie today :3

what’s a promise you’ve recently made to yourself? to stop doubting my abilities/comparing myself to others

would you rather be the sky, the ocean or the forests? the ocean!

would you kiss the last person you kissed again? nah

do you plan your outfits? sometimes, yes. most times, no.

how do you feel right now? nostalgic!

what’s the last dream you remember having? oh boy uhhh... last night i dreamt i was in my old room and it was snowing and i was watching vhs tapes on my little tv

what are you craving right now? mozzarella sticks

turn ons/offs? turn ons: a sick sense of style, knives/blood O.O; turn offs: not respecting me or my boundaries

when was the last time you cried? why? the other day, george from grey's anatomy

did the one person who hurt you most in your life apologize? nah

do you bite or lick your ice cream? lick LMAO

favorite movie ever? edward scissorhands!

do you like yourself? sometimes! i can be a bitch to myself tho

have you ever met or seen in person a celebrity? yup! many c:

how many countries have you visited? none :(

have you ever been in a castle? nope, who wants a roomie???

what’s your zodiac sign? libra sun//sag moon//leo rising :3

do you believe in ghosts? a little too much!

what’s your favorite fictional universe? asgard

favorite tv show? american horror story

coffee or tea? tea!

are you a morning or a night person? definitely a night person!

what’s your hogwarts house? according to pottermore, i'm a slytherin! but i would add a splash of ravenclaw

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