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timezone survey - taken 5/5/2022

stolen from the epic gaz… 🐱

time right now (and time zone): 
1:48PM, uh. Pacific Daylight Time? tbh i always suck at understanding timezone words LOL i mightve said that wrong

favorite colour: 
pink :D

myers briggs type: 
i forgot💀

number of posters on your wall: 
none unfortunately </3 i have a big photo printed on a canvas of some sandpipers i photographed at the beach once though!!

favourite book and/or book series: 
its been a very long time since ive sunk myself into a book series. i dont think ive loved one as hard as i did since i loved the warriors series and animorphs as a kid TwT but, I’d say maybe The Plague Dogs by Richard Adams is my favorite rn

favourite movie and/or movie series:
hard to choose!! I’d say maybe right now, Into the Spiderverse?

favourite music genre: 
AGH very hard to choose i listen to SO many. maybe right now I’d have to say Ska though

favourite musical artist: 
😭😭 these questions r killing me. I cannot list only one

collect vinyl records?:
hm, I don’t Collect them, but.. I do own quite a lot XD i’m actually planning on buying another soon O_o Machine Girl is releasing a pressing of their Gemini album (my fave album by them) and Vylet Pony plans to release some too!

collect CDs?
no, but I want to

collect cassettes?
no! again I want to though

collect anything else?
i collect zines!! :D I started in 2016 but didn’t really pick back up on it until 2020. I have a very decent collection of them now! 

character that's similar to you: 
lol.. theres a reason pinkie pie is plastered all over my profile. i love her!! always have related to her

number of bracelets you have on:

a sound you currently hear:
..the ringing in my ears from tinnitus

piercings you have: 
none :(( used to have my ears pierced as a baby. hopefully this summer i can get some after my job is over

piercings you want:
eyebrow piercing, n just re-doing my ears. thats literally it for now

tattoos you have: 
tattoos you want: 
honestly i have no idea, im not one to think of super serious tattoos. id like some pretty ones lol. but i really BADLY want to get one done by dragons_underearth

special niche hobbies:
i have had an interest in animatronics since i was a kid <:3 not the fnaf stuff (although i loved that too) but like, actual ones irl!

do people say you're an old soul?
no lmao

do you believe in anything not backed by science?
not really
what colour are your eyes?

a name you would give to your child: 
none 😭

do you keep a schedule?
sorta? just when i need to go to work & when i come back. thats all

how many hours of sleep do you get on average?

what's on your phone case?

do you like being around people?
yes! heavily depends on the people though

do you have any real friends?
like irl? if so yes. i’ve been friends with the same group since childhood

something you're obsessed with right now?
late 90s to early 2000s europop. and webkinz

favourite drink:
cream soda

favourite school subject: 
art and if that doesnt count, literature

superpower you want: 

did you ever have a harry potter phase?

something you wish you knew how to do: 
coding, 3d modeling

ideal profession:
no idea right now :( 

instruments you play: 

instruments you want to play: 
Any sort of guitar

favourite accessory:
this bracelet modeled after leatherface’s bracelet my friend hand made for me 🥺

when you die, how would you like your body to be disposed of?
this is a scary question. pass

does blood make you queasy?
fictionally, not at all. irl, situational but yeah

the last dream you remember: 
had a dream last night about playing some anime sports game

favourite ice cream flavour: 
strawberry or birthday cake

do you live with your parents?

number of windows in the room you're in now?

do you like math?
hell no

have you ever written fanfiction?
in the past yeah 💀 i used to in middle school

favourite tree: 
ginkgo trees!!!!!

do you send letters to your friends?
as often as i can! i love letters!

best thing you made in an art class:
acrylic painting of an african gray parrot on cardboard

do you like biking?
i used to!

have you ever been on a plane?
more times than i can count!

thing on the top of your bucket list: 
go visit my friends in other states!!!

time currently (and time zone): 
2:10PM, pst 🐶

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