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Scene Kid Survey (stolen from ☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆) >:3c

  1. How scene are you? (Beginner, experienced, veteran, or whateves)

Beginner, I just discovered scene music/fashion/stuffs earlier this year of 2022 :D
2. Do you want coontails/have coontails?
Hell yeah! I'm planning on growing out my hair first tho
3. Speaking of hair… What about dying your hair half and half?
It'd be interesting but I'm not sure what colors/styles I'd use lol
4. Hello Kitty, Gloomy Bear, Pikachu, Domo-kun, or Nyan Cat?
Nyan Cat! nyanyanyanyan
5. Favorite Invader Zim character?
Invader Zim tbh (Edited Jul 24, 2022)
6. Do you wear kandi?
Yes! Although I do have some big cuffs I usually just wear a few singles since multistitch cuffs just aren't really comfortable, especially when I have school.
7. How many studded belts do you have?
I gotz three now :3 (Edited Jul 24, 2022)
8. Do you shop at Hot Topic?
Occasionally yes, I do.
9. Do you drink Monster?
Regularly? No, but I've tried it before, and only the original flavor.
10. Can you name all of the members of BrokenCYDE?
Nope I'm still getting into scene music ToT
11. Converse or Osirises? 
12. Do you break bones?
No that sounds painful-
13. How LolXDRandom are you?
*glomps you* but da cookis- o_0
14. Waffles, tacos, or burritos?
15. Do you play Gaia?
16. Do you have a favorite scene queen? If so, who?
Amber Kaitlyn Beale (I think that's how her name is spelled, but regardless I really like her style!) & MAD Molly (an icon tbh)
17. Crunkcore or pop punk?
Pop punk
18. Do you own a band shirt?
Nooo :(
19. Do you have a hoodie of an animal or a pop culture character?
Yep! I have a My Melody hoodie :3
20. Do you like Creepypasta?
No, I'm not into horror.
21. Animal print or stripes?
That's a difficult choice- but I'll go with animal print since theres more variations lol
22. Do you use numbers in place of letters/words when you type?
Honestly I do that very rarely
23. Have you ever taken a picture of yourself with the camera held up high?
I loaf even numbers too much so this is where the quiz endz! Hope u had funsies, lolz
Fudge yeah B-3

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☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆

☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆'s profile picture

I'm so thankful 4 the ppl numbering it 4 me XDD

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You're welcome!! It took wayyyy longer than it should have tho TwT

by Meow(th); ; Report

ZOMGG I'M SO SRRY X'DD I got 2 excited with the questionz- 'OvO

by ☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆; ; Report

LMFAO no i actually had fun doing this :D

by Meow(th); ; Report

Zomg, poggerz then! :D I was thinkin of making another one after all~ >:3 There were so many questions I forgot to add! ;0; OH YEE and that "Do you break bones?" question was actually a reference! >:3 It was a reference to Amy Cal Flyyy's "Go Go Gadget Happy Heart" uvu

by ☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆; ; Report

NOO I wuz thinkin it's a reference- DX
Lmao but(t) thank you, I'll check the song out!! :D

by Meow(th); ; Report

LMAOO "BUT(T)" XDD I'm gonna start doin dat now XDD

by ☆ UniCosmicCometCorn ☆; ; Report

YES!!! XD But(t) squad ASSemble! GSHJSS XD

by Meow(th); ; Report