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Another Poem 5.6.22

TW: Suicide

I feel as though something is missing from this poem, but it probably will always be missing something. As it is ever changing in my mind.

Stitching, May. 6. 2022 

I met a person called nameless

Their stitching had come undone 

Crying from their wrist

Though their life had just begun 

Though the sun had never rose

They found their way through the dark 

The Sharpness of pain so lovely

They could never get enough

They didn’t want to leave 

No, They were too scared to go

Though the sun had never rose

They weeped in the dark 

Entrenched by their life

As their stitching fell apart

And as the last thread broke, 

so had my light

I said, 

“Cry no more 

Oh cry no more”

Gone away to my life

-Ty James

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omg this is my fav so far you are amazing at writing these

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sienna ⌦*°:⋆ₓₒ

 sienna ⌦*°:⋆ₓₒ's profile picture

IN LOVE WITH THIS, literally so amazing. words cant describe how much i love this

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