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Ok, before i put this massive list i wanted to clarify that i do not support these bands.
These are just bands i enjoy to listen to and if they are problematic/horrible i listen to them on a lyric video on youtube so they don't get profit from me listening. Anyways I made this cause it was fun to make, I know nobody really cares and it's an obnoxiously long list but I guess it's just nice to have kinda a time stamp for if my music taste changes in the future. :)
Anways if you feel like reading it, enjoy!

-siouxsie and the banshees
-depeche mode
-dead kennedys
-45 grave
-pink turns blue
-the cure
-the sisters of mercy
-coal chamber
-carpathian forest
-molchat doma
-all pigs must die
-kommunity fk
-melanine martinez
-acid bath
-sinistral king
-rob zombie
-dead infection
-the mission
-felids of nephilim
-beneath the massacre
-skinny puppy
-cocteau twins
-system of a down
-xmal deutschland
-uk decay
-the exploited
-alien sex feind
-flesh for lulu
-lebanon hanover
-skeletal family
-mephstio walz
-corpus delicti
-christian death
-jack of jill
-scary bitches
-inkubus sukkubus
-this mortal coil
-pig destroyer
-pierce the veil
-knocked loose
-twin tribes
-bloody dead and sexy
-joy division
-the smashing pumpkins
-sex gang children
-the smiths
-jazmin bean
-the membranes
-babes in toyland
-gang of four
-sleeping with sirens
-she wants revenge
-drab majesty
-dying feetus
-all about eve
-clan of xymox
-echo & the bunnymen
-bikini kill
-type o negative
-killing joke
-the 69 eyes
-horror vacui
-extirpating the infected
-children on stun
-the march violets
-nine inch nails
-and also the trees
-new order
-cannibal corpse
-limp bizkit
-surface to air
-the acacia strain

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great taste

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thank you!!:D

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