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What is happening in the italian politics.

ciao a tutti, hello spacehey people!

this evening i want to share with you a couple of infos about of what it's happening in the italian politics about different topics.

1) anti-homophobia/transphobia law: the so called "ddl Zan" (Zan is the name of the politician that wrote the law) was stopped after months of battle by the far right and the moderate parties. but don't worry, we don't give up!!

2) decriminalize weed possession: yep! we are workin' on it! cross your fingers, touch iron (for the italians) or wood. the first step is completed, a group of promoters for a referendum collected more than 500.000 signature in 10 days. probably next year we'll vote a referendum for decriminalize possession and allow self production. 

3) euthanasy: probably the most controversial and the most debated, you know why! but like the previous one the collection of signature goes on. at least this will be an epocal change for my little coutry! we don't want to force nobody, we want to enlarge the options for everybody.

4) citizenship law: nowdays the law says "if you have italian ancestors and you can prove it, you can have a chance to have the citizenship". sadly for the sons of the migrants, born and raised here, the way for the citizenship is hard and very often/always they must wait the adulthood. once again the far right is fight against the change, but as always we don't give up!!

i hope it's interesting for you!

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