Why can't my community just exist peacefully without judgements or attacks on us?

Seriously! I'm trans & seeing so many laws here in Florida that are actively trying to erase queer youth is pissing me off so much because I have seen AND LIVED the consequences of laws like these and I am STILL recovering from hating myself for being who I am. I went to a pride walk & a group of kids thought I was a felliw teenager and I was like...nope! But I did tell them I was so happy to see them here & comfy & free. Some had to lie to their parents to go to this thing. NOW, Florida not only passed the Don't Say Gay bill but is proposing a new bill similar to Texas' anti-trans bill & it pisses me off even more because supportive parents help so much when it comes to this stuff but apparently supporting your child is wrong. As an educator I find that method of thinking disgusting as support is a key to not developing self hatred or problems later in adult life. I hate it here.

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I completely understand. Texan here. It's extremely frustrating but at least we have each other on the web

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I feel you. Wishing you all the best from over here on terf island

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