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🧁Ask me whateva you want/abt me

dunno what to write bout myself so ask me anything.

 Hey, my name is Haillie, I spend most of my time pacing around and daydreaming, I am hopelessly romantic. I used to love to draw but now it's too hard. I'm a sagittarius sun and moon which makes me superior totally, and im a pisces rising. My mbti type is isfp i actually identify with it so much becuase i have an inferiority complex. I don't have any triggers, well i do i have a lot of triggers but if you trigger me i dont care. I love anime, batman and animal crossing. I used to be obsessed with pokemon my favorite was hypno and i was obsessed with warrior cats and my favorite characters were Brokentail and Ashfur lolllll also my favorite gorillaz character is Murdoc ofc

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im not one to say this much but best sign

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what's ur fashion style??

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Ill actually make a blog abot it ;)

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JAIR 408

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what music are you into? and What music that you can't stand. Also any controversial onions?

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Bands that I'm really into are ICP MCR Three days grace, I don't know how to explain it, they just sound good.
Music I can't stand is todays rap, which sounds pretentious but it's true it sucks so fucking much it doesn't even sound good I don't understand how people like it I CAN'T EXPLAAIN IT like I know that ICP sucks but in my opinion they don't suck as much as modern rap, most modern rap songs are just copy cats of each other and have to same theme like sex drugs and they don't even have flow.

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OOOoo I forgot I loove Gorillaz, I think they're so good with how they can write about a topic then disguise it as something else like writing about two different topics at the same time and I love the characters and art.

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wow I feel like we're opposites, I love modern rap but I do like ICP as well. I get the whole modern rap thing and some is saturated but if you delph deep into it you will find some hidden gems/artists.

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