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spacehey thoughts after day 1

A blue Eyerie from Neopets has balloons tied to its tail, and is walking around.

Whoopee, I’ve been on SpaceHey for a little over 24 hours now! 🥳 I figured I’d write some thoughts I’ve had about it.

I’ve always loved the idea of forums and such, so I’m glad this site has plenty of topics to choose from. I also like the idea of customizing profiles to the max, I’ve missed doing that a lot.
Blogging is fun too but I never felt compelled to on any other sites, or like, a site dedicated to blogging-only. I like the ability to write little posts with your thoughts, but not have it be the main feature of a site.
Bulletins are fun too!

Fun site! I hope more people use it 💕

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I've been on the site for 2 days now and have been getting used to it. It's hard to figure out at some points but is sm fun!!! I'm glad you like Spacehey 2 lolz!!! >w

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I read this last night before you edited it, but was too tired to comment. :( I'm not sure if the edit means you're feeling better, but if not, please remember - it's only been a day! There's plenty of time to find likeminded people ^_^

Forums and sites like this tend to move slower than "modern" social media, so it might take a little longer than normal, but there's a wide range of people on here. You'll find your place ^_^

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oh yeah the edit is okay, I was a little sad about the lack of activity from others, but then I read someone elses blog about how we really just need to steer the site in the direction we want it to go. Which, I can totally do that. So I feel better about it, its only been a day like u said after all :3

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