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Judging you based on your fave FNAF character

Idk what I'm doing

Freddy - You probably grew out of fnaf right after it stopped being trendy

Chica - you seem pretty chill but on the inside you're chaotic

Bonnie - you're either really tough or really soft, there's no in-between.

Foxy - you had an edgy phase. You're def a part of the LGBTQ community. You either wanna smash him or be him.

Golden Freddy - you think you're different from the Freddy stans but you're probably not.

Purple Guy (William) - questionable mental health. You think of yourself as the evil villain but you're a softie in the inside.

Puppet - you're probably nonbinary and/or a simp for women.

So was I right? 

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Bonnie is my #1 fav lol
I'm soft asf xdd

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That Foxy description is pretty accurate ngl.

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Of course, none of these characters!

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Scarily true…FOXY ALL THE WAY

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I would know, I myself am a foxy stan so YEAH FOXY ALL THE WAY

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