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What in Hellfire, SpaceHey?

...I thought I'd enjoy my time here. 

Boy, was I wrong.

I have no idea what is going on anymore. The blog space used to be my favorite place to be and...yeah, fuck that. It's a banal, sad place in which I feel my soul leave my body each time I visit.

So I stopped.

I apologize to my folks I communicate with for being a bit absent, but I've some serious medical problems. Legitimate, documented medical problems. None of this trendy shit. Disgusting.

So. There doesn't seem to be much communication like I had hoped there would be here. I'm not naming names or pointing at people, but I've sent messages to each of the people on my "list" and no one has responded in a long time...

Now. Don't get me wrong. Life freaking happens, as I made obvious. So, I completely understand. But...not a single response after all this time? These folks know what I'm talking about. 

Furthermore...does anyone even know how to use an original social media site anymore?? Not these fucking "new-fangled" shits like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter...No, I mean LiveJournal, GaiaOnline, and old school MySpace, like this. There are other examples but honestly, those three are good enough..

I'm going to try so hard not to shit on the younger generation. So...hard

But how do you not know what to do on a site with so many freedoms?!

I'm the one lost here!!

"What do you do here?"?! Are you fuckin' kidding me?! It makes me sad. It makes me not want to be here, among other reasons that I've mentioned...and...many, many....*looks at the blogs* hoo, many more that I shall not mention.

The forums and groups are pretty much if not completely dead if not equally banal; anyway, the places of interest to me are. By now, I should be going crazy with activity in my feed. Instead, I'm just disheartened as hell.

I want to love this site so much. It brings back a good ol' feeling, and it is something needed today.


I think I specifically mention in my profile that your profile has to be fucking LEGIBLE before I add you to my list!! I can't freaking read anything on your profile if it's flashing in blinding neon that clash like inverted colors on the holy wheel!! Son of a gun, that's MURDER on the eyes!! It's not good for anyone's eyes, not even yours, and we waste enough of our retinas on the internet as it is.

Don't get me started on the fact that the people who run this place don't appear to care about it at all. I've seen what appears to be better management on fucking Gaia, and veterans all know what happened THERE. *Shudders*


So much for staying calm...

I'm going to stalk this place for a while. Not sure what else I should do anymore.

No, I know.

I'm going back to fucking Gaia. ✌🏾


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xX_Kade_Khaos_Xx's profile picture

go back to your old socials, we don't want you here

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s4ltyslush's profile picture

you dont have to use spachey if you dont want to yknow???? the internet has evolved, but that is not the fault of current teens. things dont stay the same forever. todays teens arent the ones developing current social medias. why are you so damn salty about the things that other people enjoy just because it not what you grew up with.

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moopuries's profile picture

this website is literally for the younger generation who never got to experience myspace? its never going to be the exact same dude. go back to that gaia thing, seems thats better off for picky people like u anyway :/

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the internet has evolved. things ain't gonna be like what they used to in like 2005 alright, calm your farm

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evol's profile picture

so not only do u think that 16 yr olds can consent and can be in relationships with adults (like, actual irl MINORS, who are UNDERAGE) but youre also a sadass boomer.. yeah go back to gaia. :\ better yet go back to facebook they don't want u there either.

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