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Another Sad Little Poem

Trigger Warning: Implied Self Harm, Eating Disorders

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. 
They hold me so.
In the control I think I know. 

Thoughts. Thoughts. Thoughts.
They tell me so.
"Do you know, what you think you know?"

Control me, please I plead. 
Leave me here, to bleed. 

Let me go, oh let me go. 
Out of the control, I thought I knew.

Let me be. Let me be. 
Numbers, please, don't let me bleed.  

Let go, Let go.
Of the numbers you know.
Of the blood that you bleed.
Of the things that you see.

The parts of yourself you wish to bleed,
Oh let go. 

Oh let go.

What you thought you know
Can no longer be

Serve you no longer he,
Will tear you down and watch you bleed.
The numbers do not know control.

Oh let go. 

Let go.
- Tyler James

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this is a fucking masterpeice wowowowow go you

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sienna ⌦*°:⋆ₓₒ

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oh my goodness. this is literally so stunning, i love it so much!! :D

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tysm :)

by Tys' Corner of the Web; ; Report

no :)

by sienna ⌦*°:⋆ₓₒ; ; Report