music survey this time (not mine originally will comment og surveyor)

Top 10 favorite musical artists?

not in order

1. baby bugs
2. glass animals
3. crywank 
4. t+pazolite
5. will wood
6. bring me the horizon
7. evanescence 
8. noahfinnce
9. destructo disk 
10. girl in red

Favorite album by each?
1. n/a
2. how to be a human being
3. today is nearly yesterday and everything is stupid
4. answer from x girls 
5. the normal album
6. semipternal
7. fallen
8. stuff from my brain
9. punk rock for kids who cant skate
10. if i could make it go quiet

Top 5 favorite songs by each?
1. baby bugs
A. my lucifer
B. baby teeth
C. hey bunny
D. spit
E. little jars of blood

2. glass animals
A. its all so incredibly loud
B. life itself
C. the other side of paradise
D. cocoa hooves
E. agnes

3. crywank
A. welcome to castle irwell
B. only everyone can judge me
C. leech boy
D. i am shit
E. memento mori

4. t+pazolite
A. cheatreal
B. call me it
C. party in the hollowood
D. count down 321
E. dirty fascination

5. will wood
A. laplaces angel
B. your body my temple
C. mr capgras encounter
D. hand me my shovel
E. front street

6. bmth
A. sleepwalking
B. can you feel my heart
C. happy song
D. go to hell for heavens sake
E. shadow moses

7. evanescence
A. lost in parafise
B. imaginary
C. hello
D. calle when you're sober
E. my heart is broken

8. noahfinnce
A. pity
B. mind blank no thoughts
C. lifes a bit
D. weirdos
E. kickin trash

9. destructo disk
A. death pact
B. electric sockhead
C. goth queen reign supreme
D. i wish i was a riot grrrl
E. cops/dogs

10. girl in red
A. we fell in love in october
B. i wanna be your girlfriend
C. midnight love
D. ill die anyway
E. dead girl in the pool

Top 5 favorite songs by other artists?
1. kitchen fork - jack conte
2. drip drip drip fall - ewy
3. hizikuri - utsu-p
4. apotheosis - squib
5. saccharine - jazmin bean

Top 5 favorite genres?
1. i cant
2. classify
3. genres properly
4. so no answer
5. classical

Top 5 favorite instruments?
1. guitar
2. bass
3. drums
4. violin
5. piano

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