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Another day, Another blog!

Goodmorning all of you spooky people!
Hehe~ get it? Since Halloween’s coming up?

As everyday passes- us highschool, middleschool- whatever SCHOOL your in- we are all dragged back and forced to sit in close quarters of others during this time! Which I don’t likey- buuuut… Schools important!

And of course- the daily question is…
What is today’s clothing theme?

Today’s theme is… turtlenecks, sweats, and a lazy hoodie tied around the waist! Hair teased and brushed out, and some monster in our bag! Hehe~ the usual day of a struggling Wiccan that doesn’t have all their clothing here in Canada yet! [If you haven’t heard yet, I just moved back from the USA!] 

TW - Talking about dietz! Scroll if you don’t wanna see!

Breakfast is my diet- which is a meal replacement drink with 150 calories… tonight, my meal will be 500 cal of rice! With my monster which is 200 cal, that brings us to probably 900 cal when done allocating the coffees cals aswelllll- which is good! Just gotta stay under 1.2k so we can get to our desired weight! We don’t wanna do this unhealthily so we gotta stay above 500 cal atleast, waaah… such a struggle! (シ_ _)シ 

Diet talk done!

Now- ofc, the day starts, and I don’t wanna get up qwq 
Ofc more blogs will be posted, I will see all of chu cool peeps later! Feel free to friend or message me if you wanna chat! 🤍

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