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Stuff about me!! (Updated Version)

I’m gay

I have really bad jealousy issues for some reason, and idk if I have any problems with me but idk
I’m 5’5, but with my boots on I get taller
I’m currently in a 7 month relationship :) (I’m really proud of it)
I enjoy playing colorful stage, ff7, and Alicia Online (it was from when I was a kid and I got addicted to it again…it’s a horse game DONT MAKE FUN OF ME☹️)
Umm I’m a minor soo dont be sexual with me please! Especially since I’m in a relationship
I play on ps4 and mobile
You can add me on discord if you’d like: Seriayn#5586
That’s it for now 😻

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kat!!! (IT/ITS)

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add me as a friend on spacehey rn i love colorful stage

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We’re friends now🤞🤞

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