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looking for ppl with the same/similar kins!

here are my kins :D

(for people that don't know a kin is a character that you highly/in some way relate to usually by personality)

-sayori from ddlc
-wybie from coraline
-armin from aot
-misa amne from dn
-cuphead from cuphead
-alphys, mettaton and ms muffet from undertale
-mangle, puppet and ft freddy from fnaf
-palontras from fran bow
-lsp from adventure time
-sally from sally face
-mikan from danganronpa
-chiyo from saiki k

comment if u have similar ones!!!!B)

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hiii i kin L from death note, ash from sally face, marshall lee from adventure time, n papyrus from ut! :3

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