Pisces full moon!

The full moon is in pisces, that means there’s some magical things happening. here are affirmations to attract good based on your zodiac sign!

Aries: “i will allow myself to rest. i will radiate inside and reflect it to others.”
Taurus: “What i make is powerful, others love my offerings.”
Gemini: “My talent and effort is awarded, people will see potential”
Cancer: “my abundance waxes and wanes like the moon. i will give myself to receive the wealth i want”
Leo: “My heart never leaves me astray. everything my heart desires comes true.”
Virgo: “practicality is my power, i use it to bring life to what i create. abundance flows easily into my life”
Libra: “I embrace change, change will always happen as well as lead me in the right direction.”
Scorpio: “i am true to myself and will always be. I am rewarded for my true colours.”
Sagittarius: “my life is always moving quickly, it will get better with every change.”
Capricorn: “i am grateful for everyone in my life. my community has impacted me in a positive way.”
Aquarius: “Money flows endlessly towards me. i give back to my community”
Pisces: “i love myself and showing it will draw others to me”

Stay safe everyone, you are all beyond amazing<3

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