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Trees. This is a blog about... trees...

I once opened my shampoo bottle and thought. I thought "what about the trees." 
It's time i start to open up, to come forward with what i really think. Tomato soup has a nice ring to it. Never disregard a free pen, never turn down a free pen. Some plastics don't make it all the way to your house. So what if i want to take a left at this stop sign? I hope they are watering their plants, seems like no one is home. How much is too much? I've never seen my own eye. How about "i'll see you later." 
Everything is loud. I don't know where that shoe got off to. A warm, full belly starts the soft day as i walk through this corridor to find that the person who was mad at me just wanted me to run over the reflector in the road. 

I hope that one day that person will take off their headphones and finally live and taste and see. Let's all do that--all together now. I will meet you in the international foods aisle. 

Pine and Grapefruit. 

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