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I'm not sure if anyone here has heard of Adventures With Purpose on YouTube but I want to share what they do far and wide. They are a group of 4 guys, two divers and 2 camera guys, who started out diving in rivers and other bodies of water as economic clean up towing abandon sunken cars and other "trash" out of the water using sonar systems. They soon realized the power they had to search for family's lost loved ones that had gone missing and suspected to be underwater. With the revenue from YouTube subscribers and likes through their documentations, merch sales, and donations they bought an RV and spend months at a time traveling the country helping families find their loved ones and getting them out of the water FOR FREE. As of the moment they have solved 20 cold cases across the country and counting. They are super good at working with sonar and planning the towing of the vehicles underwater and often times take the place of the professionals who have failed. They are so humbling and selfless and its got very true crime vibes with intense emotions and I'm completely obsessed with them. The oldest case they solved is over 30 years old. The vehicle crumbled during the tow and they came back a second time specifically to find any remains left of the missing person so the family could officially put them to rest properly. PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT AND SUPPORT IN ANY WAY YOU CAN! THEY ARE AMAZING!

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His Excellency Lord Byron

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Whoa! Always interested to find new things to follow on YouTube!

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You will love this!

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sounds interesting.

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It really is!

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