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Him ~ Journal Entry 9-17-21



I had a visitor this morning, after dropping Matthew to school.
Someone from the Otherside stopped in for a chat. I was a bit surprised he wanted to sit with me, until I quickly remembered, there is no pretense on the Otherside. They do not participate in silly quarrels & misunderstandings for the most part.
They are not busy "taking sides".
They are visiting to share more knowing.
He has stopped in to explain the actions of one of his loved ones on this plain.
Someone I have always seen from a mile away & all of her intentions. Intentions that are so transparent & somehow she can't see them about herself.
I guess that's true of most of us.
Something so glaringly obvious to others & that's right in front of our nose, we miss about ourselves.
Luckily, I am informed she is on a sharp learning curve currently.
Like me.
She is about to have the puzzle pieces snap into place.
I can see her thoughts.
And literally, all I see are question marks.

❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔ ❔

A startling realization is coming for her.
All her past interpretations...they were incorrect.
"How could that be?!" She is wondering.
I am chuckling inside.
(I am not above that yet, I am working on it)
I am finding joy in the Truth dropping in on her. It has taken long enough.

That's not true.
It is right on time.

"Truth uttered before its time is dangerous"
~ Mencius

That puzzle that is jigsawing together currently in her mind...once all the pieces are snapped in, she will notice she has been looking at it upside down...

This happened to me on 8-21-21.
What a doozy, holy fuck.

She may start singing a different tune.
Huh. I did not see this possibility coming.
And if she doesn’t, life will become increasingly difficult to navigate.
When the Otherside tries to reach to you, to teach you something & you don’t want to listen, first it’s the yard stick.
Then it’s the hammer.

That will be hard on the ego she has been busy defending.
The ego she acts like she has in check for the most part. The “!!!!HUMBLE!!!!” badge she polishes to a high shine & flashes to everyone who looks her way, may be seen for what it is.
A siren song for her ego.

Doesn't she realize every time she mentions she "has her ego in check"...what she is actually doing is stroking it?
She does not realize yet, but soon.

Her ego robed in all that fancy dressing so that it can send out splendiferous sonic booms every time she speaks of it.
It is thunderously happy every. time.
"She is talking about me! Again!"
It purrs loudly as it is stroked for being "confined" "kept in check" (hahahajfbeidkkjekzxja)

Those puzzle pieces, while snapping in, have a way of knocking you off your high horse.
When the foundation falls away & you see what is truly left standing, it is shocking.
It is difficult to pull out of a reality you had convinced yourself of, let me fucking tell you.

I stumbled on a quote that has been bringing me peace & I wanted to share:

~The Ego is impatient because it knows Its time is limited.
The Spirit is patient, because It knows it is Eternal~


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