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CoDependent Lovers

Happiness is a euphoria most if not all want to receive

Finding happiness can either be difficult or easy

It can be tedious or frustrating

Or it can be Short lived and soothing

But no matter the process

We all want it

But where?

What place holds the feeling i want most?

Finding happiness can lead to hell

The hell called codependence

Needing the presence of someone to feel complete

Needing the energy of someone certain to feel okay

Giving each other false hope

Giving those around them rightful uncertainty

Holding their heart over a balcony

Only for it to slip from your hands

Being in unbearable anxiety if they don't answer a call

Overthinking the entirety of your relationship if they don't answer a text

Wondering if this feeling is even worth it if you know this is how you’ll feel

Once you aren’t their priority

Not being able to function if they’re busy

Not being able to get out of bed if they’re pre-occupied

They answer

They’re with you

Suddenly that surge of happiness you’ve been longing for is finally here…

But only on the account of ones schedule.

Relying on someone for your euphoria-

Terrible feelings of heartache and ennui 

The pressure builds.

It holds as much of its capacity as it can

Then everything explodes

Then you’re right back at square one

Just with worse mental health and anxiety.

And lastly, of course

Self Doubt.

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