Work/ minimum wage

So, I still do wonder how employers have  that immense audacity of paying minimum wage and forcing employees to work 12h and put more chores then the employee signed for besides other more serious issues and expect you not to quit and to also love what you do and work harder for their sjity business. And the fact that no one and I mean NO ONE tells you about this crap when you get a job or they tell you that's okay! It's okay for your boss to treat you like you don't have a life "you don't have kids so you can work 12h today as well and overtime so I can get paid vacation!",it's fine that your boss acts like you're below a rat and all the jazz. It makes me want to quit and go live in the woods like a wild animal. I think Employers need to treat their workers more kindly and not like they are garbage. People literally off themselves due to working conditions,no wonder the youth hates work...and let's not forget about the child abuse in "undeveloped" communities. I started to work at 14 and six years passed since my first job and I feel I lived 40 years in these six years and I know I'm not the only one in this boat. We are told our obligations but we never are thought about our rights! It's just sad...

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