movies i wanna see but cant

listen. i'm like an insane marvel fan.

I've wanted to see deadpool since it came out but my parents wont let me and ' 2 has been out for like a very long time now and i haven't seen either of them and i have seen literally every other marvel movie ever made. yes, I've sat through the old crappy hulk movies. I've seen it all.

i also haven't seen the new batman yet, or any batman for that matter. i want to see it SO BAD. but its like 3 house long and my mom doesn't want me to be in a dark movie theater for 3 hours.

but, the one i want to see the most out of any of those,

I wanna see it SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOO BADDD LIKE OMGGGG. i LOVE morbius! I have lots of comics with him in them and he's always been like one of my favorite charcters and the trailer looks so good! 

but im also a little confused cause the movie trailer said that it was playing in theaters yesterday EXCLUSIVELY. so idk if that means it was only in theaters yesterday and it wont be today or ever or if that means you will only ever be able to see it in theaters??

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just looked up the movie morbius and it seems that people hate it.
they're saying it doesn't live up to the preview expectations but idk i still wanna see it.

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nvm all of those reviews were critics and i don't usually listen to them but i found some more by non-critics and they loved it so now i'm all exited again :D

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