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Where are the alt adults on SpaceHey??

Yo, folks! I really like searching and browsing profiles on SH. Even more, I like looking at blogs. But I find that most of the more interesting blogs are from...younglings. ._.

I'm almost 30, y'know? I imagine I'm one of the older members here. 😀 I'd like to take a moment to say I'm part of the alt scene. I look like a goth despite being a metalhead. 😁 I consider myself a member of the "darkly-inclined/dark-clad".

I'd like to meet others who are like me and around or older than me. Interestingly, many youngsters here are also part of the alt community. And that's great! Rarely ever do I see the younger generation of alt folk! 😄 Especially online. It's like seeing myself fifteen years ago. 😊

Ah, so. I'd love to see more adults around here who are part of the alt/darkly-inclined scenes. I've seen one or two. And my qualification, in this very specific case, of adult here is 20+. 18+ is...okay...if you are...mature. See my profiles for an idea of what sort of maturity I'm talking about. 🤨

Many things I'm interested in include:

  • Metal music 🤘🏾 (obviously)
  • Wearing black and silver 🧥 (and gold sucks)
  • Different cultures 🕌 (and respecting them)
  • Strong opinions 🙅🏾‍♂️ (and talking calmly about them)
  • Memento mori 💀 (and other dark things)
  • Classic Disney ✨ (fuck modern Disney)
  • Dressing however the hell you want 🎩 (feminine, masculine, androgyne, etc.)
  • Positive mental health 🧩
  • Video games, PC games, and playing cards!! 🎮
  • Talking about muuuuuusic 🎶 (all genres, all day!)
  • Halloween! 🎃 Hoihoihoihoi! 

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xXChaosPixieXx's profile picture

Alt adults? I have been summoned✨😌✨
Modern Disney (minus Twisted Wonderland) hating adult alt nerd has arrived🙋🏻‍♀️

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Reaper's profile picture

hi, 29, I consider myself pretty alt...

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hai xp m adult, m only 18 tho

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Natasha Marry

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The Vlone Outfit carries a strong message behind it. It refers to “You live alone, you die alone”. It reflects your lifestyle. The way to express your feelings, thoughts, and ideas in terms of dressing. Rocky further elaborates it as Vlone is just a lifestyle that people carry for a day-to-day look. It can be for everyone. Vlone Outfit

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There's a few around! ^0^ Me included xP

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