at last, a dream !!

ever since i was in the 4th grade, i have had this intense obsession with catss. 

now, there was no rhyme or reason to this, i just was. i guess 1 day i woke up and said to myself, "my world now revolves around this specific animal." and to this day, thats how its been. and of course, i wanted one as well. alwayz had this dream that i would have like this white cat with black or brown or even ginger-like markings on its body and face. i would call it Viking and it'd be the most aggressive lil thing !!

of course, this never happened bc, to my luck, my parents are horrified of any kind of feline creature. my mother especially. she despised them. the reason? well mother dearest believes cats, especially black cats (bc ofc) are part of black magic, a witch in disguise, the literal gift directly from misfortune himself !! >^< 
bc of this, we never got a cat :((


very very recently, my older brother got in contact w his friend !! she was looking for someone to take care of a recently born kitten which she had found but her apartment didnt allow petz.

so after talking w her for a bit and pushing the parents' buttons, an agreement had been set. so YES !! i will finally be able to keep a cat as a pet !! :DD aghh im so happy xbb the cat is gonna be handed to us this saturday and while i wait, ive been buying some stuff for them :3 !!

now, if u've stuck around thi far and are willing to ofc, plz plz plz give me name suggestions ~^~ !! the only ideas ive had are Soda (from danganronpa :( ), Sol (bc my dogs name is Luna) and Sayu (genshin) ! also the "gender" of the names doesnt matter, i just want a cute lil name :>

anywayz ty for reading all of this :b !! my name is zeta and i appreciate ur existence >:) !! <3

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that's funny lol, my name happens to be sol B) I think its a really cool name for a cat, I suggest the name sorel. Idk if it's any good but it's the name of this cool plant where you can eat the leaves and they taste like lemon.

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jajjsj what a coincidence xd !! ive never hear or even seen a lemon-flavored plant !! >:0

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its rly good instead of lettuce in stuff, I think that might just be the lemon kind of sorel actually and then there's another kind that tastes different. regardless lemon sorel tastes great and i lov it

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