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One Hollows' Eve is here!

Yo, peoples of SpaceHey! It's incredible to be here. 😁 Yeah, I was around during MySpace's good ol' heyday, so I remember so much stuff. While I'm glad to be here, it's sad to see a lack of activity. Maybe it's just me? πŸ€” Lots of people are still signing up so there's hope!

In any case, what's this entry about, eh? It's just to let the good peoples here know what's what when it comes to old Elian Hollow here and what I'll be using this blog for.

It will essentially be a more publicly accessible version of my official blog here from Blogger. I love my Blogger blog (I mean, look at it, it's AWESOME!!), so it won't be going anywhere, but the prospect of getting some attention through this fine site is too hard to pass up! πŸ˜† Mind you, I'm truly not an attention-seeker. I'm simply looking for desperately-needed companionship.

So, then. Who is this weirdo named Elian Hollow who goes by the username One Hollows' Eve? Glad you asked! If you don't feel like going to my profile or even my site, allow me to explain. 🧐

I'm a 29-year-old, black, transmasculine (he/him) man suffering from mental illness who also happens to be a fervent metalhead! 🀘🏾 Music is literally the main thing keeping me alive, and I can't stress that enough... πŸ˜₯

Yes, I am getting medical help but I've been diagnosed as having a particularly stubborn depression that seems to adapt at everything thrown at it. At this point, it's a matter of environmental change that's needed for me...which is seemingly impossible but I won't go there...πŸ˜“

Ah, right. I meant to elaborate that this will essentially be a copy of my official blog. It might have some deviation entries every now and then, as will Blogger, but for the most part, they will be the same. πŸ™‚ I hope this works out.

The second entry here will be a copy of this entry I made yesterday! See y'all 'round, folks!


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$H1β™± H3β–³D

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hii i made this acc less than 24 hours ago and this place seems cool and all but what exactly do you even DO on it?

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Ana Marry

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