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am i invisible?

the groupchats im in doesnt reply when i message. they will just seen my messages and not reply.. since before it's always like this. am i the problem?

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kat!!! (IT/ITS)

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i know how you feel, none of my friends give me the time of day most of the time. i promise its not you, some people are just dickheads

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thank you! i hope your friends realize how important you are :))

by yashi; ; Report

Grace <3 (poop #3)

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no, they're probs either busy or ignoring u for no reason

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what could possibly be the reason T.T i just help out when they ask questions

by yashi; ; Report

do they talk to u abt anything else?

by Grace <3 (poop #3); ; Report

noo because i only message when someone gets no response when asking

by yashi; ; Report

o h h ok! So you're not the problem, the other person is. Some people just ignore others for no reason. It happened to me many times :/

by Grace <3 (poop #3); ; Report

thank u and i hope u dont experience it again :((

by yashi; ; Report

yw! and ty!

by Grace <3 (poop #3); ; Report