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Forgotten Photos

I’ve opened up my photo album.

Its empty

My photo album held my dearest memories

So why is it empty?

Are they not as dear to my heart as they once were?

Are they not as important as what’s to come?


It's because I don't remember you.

I don't remember the love you gave me

I don't remember the hurt you made me feel

I don't remember the feeling of your arms around me

I don't remember the warmth in my heart as i think of you

Not anymore

But why?

“Why?” is a universal question

It can be applied to anything.

So why are these toned pages without ink?

Why is this slick black leather cover no longer holding something dear?

Why is this film no longer developed?

Why is it empty?

Because you emptied it

You knew you held something fragile

You shattered it

More than 100

More than 1,000



More is what I need

More memories

More stamina

More patience

More love

But since you emptied my photo album

Have you thought of me?

Have you thought of what made you smile at your lowest?

Have you thought of the missing spot in your arms where I used to belong?

Or have you forgotten?

Forgotten everything we’ve been through?

Forgotten my words?

Forgotten my touch?

Forgotten my breath and heart?

Have you thought of who will thaw what you have frozen?

He’s thawed it.

His warmth feels warmer.

His voice is more gentle

His face is more fair

His feelings are more honest

I'm glad my photo album is empty

There's room for more photos.

More meaningful ones.

I don't want to remember you

I don't want to remember the warmth

The hurt

The love 

And the end.

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