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Ways to choose best CMS for your mobile apps

When you look around, you would find lots of CMS options to choose from for your mobile app. The task of selecting the most suitable one can be challenging for many! Due to the pandemic, the use of mobile apps have increased tremendously. 

The ideal system is expected to work on all types of devices and channels. The CMS should compliment the microservices architecture and give an elevation to the mobile app development process. A progressive web app developer chooses a CMS that conveniently creates a website without the need to understand the coding. A CMS should not be selected just keeping mobile apps in consideration. 

 Here in this article we are going to discuss some real-time tips on choosing the most suitable CMS for your mobile apps. 

How to select the best content management system for mobile apps? 

CMS should be hybrid 

In comparison to the conventional content management systems, hybrid CMS is anytime better as it is both API driven and design-oriented. If you want to create an omnichannel brand presence, the role of decoupled CMS cannot be overlooked. Time for development is much less than traditional CMS and is affordable too. 

Framework agnostic 

React Native framework may be the present platform for your ecommerce mobile app, which you may consider to shift in the near future. Likewise you may have launched an Android app with the help of a progressive web app developer, but later realize you have somewhat the same number of iphone users. Thus you need an iOS app, here if the CMS is not compatible with it, you have to start from scratch. Such shortcoming would be overcome if you go for framework and device-agnostic CMS for management of content related to m-commerce app. 

Microservice architecture compatibility 

When a content management system is compatible with microservice architecture, it uses cloud technology to join different segments of a mobile app. It allows easy connection with other team members and assigns their respective responsibilities for the smooth functioning of your app. It's much more flexible and scalable in nature. 

Few reasons that gives microservice an upper hand to monolithic architectures: 

  • The services can be further broken down to be deployed individually, without affecting the integrity of the system. 
  • Microservices are more resilient. It is because of its enhanced security feature. 
  • The bugs and breaches are kept at check.
  • This type of architecture is inherently scalable and independent. It is convenient to upgrade and make changes as and when required.
  • They can be comprehended as an entire unit which is otherwise not possible in monolithic architecture. 

Content Reuse promotion The concept of content reuse denotes, use of pre-existing content chunks many times, and creating new pieces of content out of it. Here are some of its advantages:

  • It minimizes the costs involved in translation and proofreading. As the content which is once translated can be reviewed and used again.
  • It also reduces content creation costs. The instances of duplicate content is almost zero as the teams can channelize their energy in creating new content that can be reused afterwards.
  • The content is published multiple times on different platforms, thus messaging is more consistent and stronger brand identity is established.
  • Whenever a content piece is reused, its quality and presentation is improvised and errors are pinpointed and removed.
An ideal CMS for mobile apps encourages content reuse at every point. The content management system should be easily accessible, well-organized and easy-to-use by the content creators. They should be able to retrieve content from archives easily and also make changes as and when required.
Device Agnostic A good CMS for the mobile apps should be device-agnostic which implies being completely machine independent. It should work with the same efficiency on a big smart TV to a tiny smartwatch. Though it sounds promising, many developers create their apps for particular operating systems. For instance, if a mobile app has been developed for an Android device but you use iPhone, then you have to wait until its iOS version is made available by the developer. Conclusion At the end we would like to conclude on the note that, an ideal CMS is user-friendly, flexible that allows easy creation, management and distribution of content in your mobile app. A good progressive web app developer can be hired to do this job flawlessly and with perfection.

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